I recycle…how much “greener” can I get?

green recycling bin held by two people

Many of us are recycling champions.  We rinse those soda cans, crush them, and put them out in the recycling bin.   We are champions of the environment. But what if we could do more?  

Here are a few extra things we can all do to avoid throwing usable items in the trash:

What do I do with old clothing? 

How do I reuse that giant plastic container that the cheeseballs or pretzels came in?

  • Use it to store craft supplies such as crayons.
  • Instead of stepping on Legos, store them in these containers!
  • Dog and cat treats keep well in here.

What should I do with old blankets, sheets, and towels?

  • If they are in good shape, donate them to a homeless shelter or thrift store. 
  • If they are in OK shape, donate them to an animal shelter.  Dogs and cats don’t care about the giant pizza stain on the blanket or the leftover hair dye on the towel.

I suppose you have a way to reuse egg cartons?  As a matter of fact, we do!

  • Ask your local farmer if they can reuse them.
  • Use them to hold small amounts of paint when you or your child are painting.
  • Cut them into strips, paint them, and turn them into a fun holiday or seasonal craft.  Check out Pinterest, they’ve got loads of ideas.
  • Use them to sort small items.

Looking for more ideas? Check out this article to find more ways to reuse common household items: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/climate-friendly-ways-to-reuse-household-items/

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