The VisionHelping Those in Need While 
Reducing Landfill Waste

Nobody feels good about loading up our landfills with perfectly usable products. But that’s what businesses find themselves doing day in, day out - because what’s usable may not be sellable. 

Customer returns, shop-worn packages, and last season’s odds-and-ends can all end up in the trash in order to make room for this season’s sellers. There ought to be a better way.

iHave iNeed was created to be that better way. We understand the key to turning business discards into useful donations is to provide a friction-free process that enables it to happen. We seamlessly collect these unsellable items from local outlets on a weekly or as-needed basis. Now, instead of becoming trash, these products become treasures - provided to local service organizations like animal rescues, homeless shelters, food banks, and others where they will be put to good use.

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By redistributing products that companies can’t sell to people and organizations who need them, we’re working to turn garbage into good. And we can all feel good about that.

The Mission StatementWaste Not, Want Not

Our mission is to provide essential goods to those in need while reducing business waste and promoting sustainable practices. Through our programs and partnerships, we aim to reduce waste, support local communities, and empower individuals to make a positive impact on the world around them.

The DetailsSee exactly how we accomplish our goals.


Step 1: Assemble a Top-Notch Team

We sought the advice and partnership of experts in business, technology, law, and philanthropy to build an organization focused on reducing our global impact while filling the needs of our most at-risk community members.
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Step 2: Find the "Goods"

Our team meets with local businesses to review our mission and gain their support.  Then we use technology to support a process where goods are collected, retrieved, and stored.  Our secret?  Keep it simple and make it easy for businesses to partner with us!
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Step 3: Fill the "Needs"

We build partnerships within our community so that we can quickly match the "goods" with those in need.  Technology powers our operation, but compassion is the fuel that keeps it running.

The TeamMeet our amazing staff.

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Multiple channels of revenue will allow us to keep the lights on and continue helping communities in need
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Decades of combined experience ensure efficient processes are developed and followed


Our top-notch group of volunteers have what it takes to make a difference in the community

The GoalThink globally. Act locally.

Does your business accumulate unsellable or soon-to-expire products? iHave iNeed makes it easy for you to contribute less to the landfill and more to our local community! At no cost to you, we provide a storage bin and arrange prompt pick-up at your discretion. Then our team donates your stuff to those who need it most.
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