Community ChampionsWe work to change the lives of those who need it most.

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iHave iNeed is the brainchild of Jeff & Jen McCary. They saw the need and the opportunity while volunteering regularly at their local food bank over the past 10+ years. During this time, they have collected donated food from local businesses, stocked shelves, sorted fresh food and non-perishable items, and helped redistribute those products to individuals and families in need. The McCarys are driven to build a connection between the needs of the more vulnerable members of their community to the resources available. iHave iNeed is their conduit for doing that.

But Jeff and Jen aren’t doing this alone. They’re backed by a core group of like-minded family and friends dedicated to making a difference. Over the years, this tight-knit team has built a habit of working together to get what’s needed to those in need - things like organizing local food and pet supply drives, supplying thanksgiving turkeys for the local food bank, and collecting items for people impacted by hurricanes. Now this crew has passionately committed their time, talents and expertise to bring iHave iNeed to fruition.

iHave iNeed is based in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. As the program is developed and refined, we will produce a scalable system that can be duplicated in communities across the country and beyond. 

iHave iNeed is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity registered in the US under EIN: 92-1162369.









Embracing InclusionWe're Better Together...

As part of working to change the lives of those who need it most we recognize that there are many people out there with gifts and talents that are being underutilized.  This underserved population has a lot to contribute to society and specifically our team.

To that end our team is focused on having a diverse group of volunteers and staff from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and abilities to enrich our organization.  We aim to partner with agencies that work with the homeless to support them to get volunteer and work experience and to use their talents to further our mission.

We also aim to work with people with disabilities to give them the opportunity to volunteer, gain work experience and contribute to their communities. We strive to create mutually beneficial partnerships with other local nonprofits to help each other reach our goals.

We recognize that we are all in this together and supporting one another is a recipe for greater success.

A New LevelUnlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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We Collect Unwanted Items from Businesses

Instead of ending up in a landfill, we collect items for redistribution.
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We Distribute Items to Those in Need

The perfectly usable items we collect from businesses are put to good use... not in the landfill.